The statue of the renowned political figure Dash Damba was established

2018 Оны 10 Сарын 5

Last week the MPP commemorated the anniversary of the renowned political figure Dash Damba’s 110th birthday. In this regard, the statue dedicated to the Mongolian patriots, who led the Central Committee of MPP to the road of renewal of Mongolia during the great construction period, was established adjacent the 39th apartment of Chingeltei district.

Dash Damba’s descendants, Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Party, Ts.Bat-Enkh and the administration of MPP participated in the ceremony.

During which Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Party, Ts.Bat-Enkh, highlighted the nobility of Dash Damba who started as provincial law-maker, Secretary of soum and was later promoted to the Secretary of the People's Great Khural, thereon worked as the member of Mongolian People’s Party, rising up to the position of the first Secretary in the Central Committee of the MPP. He reminded Mongolian youth and the next posterity that the history shall always remember his commitments. The MPP undertook the promise to commemorate the anniversaries of the political figures and patriotic people who held greatest role in establishment of Mongolia.

Dash Damba was born on March 29, 1908 in Teshig soum of Bulgan province. He initially proposed policies that would guarantee the future development of the country. One of his proposed ideas realized itself on construction of auto station with over 180 vehicles. As an addition to the initiatives, 400 kilometre long railroad from Ulaanbaatar to Naushka, flour factory, meat factory, Zuunbayn oil refinery, processing plant, and other major objects and buildings were set up under his administration.

During the period of Dash Damba’s progressivism, the population of Mongolia grew to seven hundred thousand with majority of people suffering from extreme poverty, illiteracy and without any source of livelihood. With the offer from Dash Damba, Soviet expeditions provided Mongolians with skin and tuberculosis treatment, vaccines. As a result, the population of Mongolia rapidly increased in the 1960s, and the overall structure of the population accounted for 46 percent of children under age of 16.

With the purpose to promote his efforts, the MPP celebrated his 110th anniversary. Last weekend several events were held in Bulgan province. For an example: the academic conference about Dash Damba, essay contest, chess competition. Furthermore, it is possible to create a statue in his fatherland, to build a computer room in a Secondary School and to build a Hall of Fame in the memory of Dash Damba.

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