Mongolian People’s Party’s district committees held their conferences

2018 Оны 11 Сарын 16

Mongolian People’s Party’s district committees held their conferences

The chairman of Mongolian People’s Party’s capital city ordained the districts to hold their conferences. In this regard the districts held the conferences to discuss their future strategies and plans, to elect new chairmen, members and leaders for committees.

First of all, Bayangol district held its’ VII conference, where 205 delegates of the party assembled together. They introduced the conclusions made by General Control committee, discussing the issues related to party organization within the district. By the end of conference with the majority of vote, J.Ganbaatar was elected as the chairman of Mongolian People’s Party’s committee for Bayangol district, meanwhile B.Semjidmaa was elected as the vice-chairman.

As for Khan-Uul district, the delegates held their conference on 9 November, 2018. During the VII conference, J.Aldarjavkhlan was re-elected as the chairman for the third time in row with the confidence from all 65 delegates.

Baganuur district held its’ XIV conference the next day on 10 November, 2018. They discussed on issues related to activation of members and augmentation of members in number in the future. Two years ago, it was noted that the work performance of Baganuur district reached about 44%. However, out of 150 delegates 149 gathered together during the conference and elected 67 members to work in the party committee, as well as with 7 new members elected to the Control committee. Ts.Sandag-Ochir was re-elected to continue his work as the chairman.

After this week, Bayanzurkh, Chingeltei districts each held their conferences at the Independence Palace.

176 delegates participated in the conference to discuss the fulfillment of their works. During the conference, they elected 11 new members, 9 members to control committee and about 89 members. Also, E.Bat-Amgalan was elected to resume his post, while B.Gantsog was elected as the next vice-president.

157 members participated in Chingeltei district’s VII conference. They elected 89 members, 9 members to control committee, accompanied with a full victory for D.Ganbold, member of Great Khural of Mongolia, to work as the next chairman and L.Ariuntuya as his vice.

166 delegates from Sukhbaatar district Mongolian People’s Party’s committee organized their VII conference at Independence Palace on 14 November, 2018. Their chairman D.Tsogtbaatar heard out the perspectives and shared his view on “Sukhbaatar district MPP’s Committee’s operation report”, information from Control committee, party organization within the committee. As the result of the conference, D.Tsogtbaatar, member of Great Khural of Mongolia, Minister of Foreign Affairs, was re-elected as the chairman.

Songinokhairkhan district held its VII conference at Independence Palace on 15 November, 2018. 160 delegates of 32 party units, 57 delegates of quota participated to exchange views on the work of the committee. D.Sumiyabazar, who was previously the chairman of Songinokhairkhan district’s committee, introduced the report.


During the conference, secret election was organized amongst the delegates and with 100% confidence from them, 117 members were elected to the committee, while 7 to Control committee. In the end, Kh.Nyambaatar, member of Great Khural of Mongolia, was elected as the chairman and B.Khuyagbaatar as his vice. Alongside B.Khuyagbaatar, 4 non-staff members were elected as vices.









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