The Red Cross has provided humanitarian aid to more than 6400 households

2018 Оны 12 Сарын 24

The State-Red Cross Co-operation Council's annual meeting was held by the Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia, Mr. O.Enkhtuvshin, to discuss this year's achievements and next year's plans.

In 2018 Mongolian Red Cross improved capacity for disaster response. They provided 2.3 billion Mongolian tugriks worth humanitarian aid to 6405 households. Additionally, in order to improve the community's ability to cope with disaster risk, they co-operated with Emergency Management Office to prepare 1200 people.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. O.Enkhtuvshin, extended his gratitude to the members of Red Cross and Emergency Management Office for the outstanding work, for organizing the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in July. In the end, he suggested the Council to keep up the good work next year.