650 sportsmen participated in the “Baga Olymp-2019” of the Mongolian People’s Party’s capital unit

2019 Оны 1 Сарын 18

Mongolian People’s Party is long accustomed to organize the sport competition amongst the supporters and the members of the presidium every year. This year, they organized in the Songinokhairkhan district’s building of Sport commission. The participants competed against each other under six categories: volleyball, basketball, tennis, chess, darts, tai chi.

Under the slogan - “Solidarity, collective power” – Baga Olymp-2019’s opening was delivered by the Secretary General D.Amarbayasgalan, the chairman of the Mongolian People’s Party capital unit D.Sumiyabazar, the chairman of Citizens’ Representative Khural S.Amarsaikhan. “We’re organizing, today, the annual sport competition amongst the supporters, the members of the presidium and the workers of the primary institutions of the Mongolian People’s Party. I am ascertained that this event will be a huge step into finding a closure between us. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for all of you to exchange your experiences and to learn from each other. Sport is a great insurance of your health, such lies the main object of this event in” said D.Sumiyabazar.

            The team from Bayanzurkh district was awarded for the first place, with Khan-Uul district and Songinokhairkhan district teams listed up for the second and third places.

            D.Khalzan, the sport instructor for Sukhbaatar district: Expanding the categories of this year’s competition helps us to nurture our bodies with the necessary workout and cardio. It secures our health. The team of Sukhbaatar district always was awarded with the top three prizes and I am confident that this year will make no difference.

            The general judge for the Baga Olymp-2019, T.Demberel: the professional judges of basketball, volleyball and chess came here today. This year marks special. This event is organized for two days and 28 judges are present. Whichever 

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