Mongolian People’s Party paid tribute to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and senior diplomats

2019 Оны 3 Сарын 7

In the framework of the Mongolian Patriots Day, Mongolian People’s Party organized a meeting with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the senior diplomats of Mongolia, paying them tribute for their life-long commitment to Mongolia.
The current Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Tsogtbaatar, Head of the Department of International Relations of Mongolian People’s Party Kh.Saikhansanaa, Head of the Department of Political Policy N.Batsumberel, President of the Veterans’ Union Ts.Sukhbaatar were present to hold the meeting with the senior diplomats.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, members of the Mongolian People’s Party and the senior diplomats were present to discuss the work of the Department of International Relations.
During the meeting, D.Tsogtbaatar said “This has become a tradition of us to gather around the senior diplomats and the Ambassadors of Mongolia on Patriots Day to have a conversation about the foreign policy and exchange views on the further accomplishment of the Department of International Relations. Using this opportunity, we must listen to the priceless advises from the senior diplomats. Because of our busy schedules, we often tend to turn blind eye on the senior diplomats and their wisdom. I am thinking about employing all the senior diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Academy of Diplomacy”. It’s important that the senior diplomats now educate and mentor the younger ones. The world is spinning, and the generations are changing. Therefore, we must establish a mechanism that would keep the sustainable growth of the new human source.”

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